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Provincial AA Championships

2014 Provincial AA Championships


Teams progressing to the Western Canadian Ringette Championships, Winnipeg, Manitoba, March 26-29.
First Seed: LMRL
Second Seed: TORL


LMRL declared Provincial Champions and will progress to the Canadian National Ringette Championships, Regina, Saskatchewan, April 7th to 12th. 



To be held in Kelowna, BC.  February 22 and 23, 2014
Game 1: Feb 22, 8:30 am to 10:45 am at CNC
Game 2: Feb 22, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Jim Lind Arena, West Kelowna
Game 3 (if necessary): Feb 23, 7:45am to 10:00am 
Host Association is Kelowna Ringette-Thank-you!

Coaches meeting on Feb 22 at 7:30 am, prior to the first game. 
Meeting of Bench staff for both teams after the Champion is declared to review rules for the 
Canadian Ringette Championships to be held in Regina, Saskatchewan, April 7th to 12th. 

Officials for U19AA Championships are:
Melanie Stewart, Jackie Leckman,  Lynne Hawyrs and Darrell Desjardins


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The Ringette Canada Team Registration Form is required to be completed by all AA teams and submitted to the BCRA office before their first out-of-province competition each season. Completing this form incorrectly will result in the form being sent back to the team to correct. This form is sent to other provinces for their tournaments, and upon a team winning Provincials is sent directly to Ringette Canada to input to the CRC database. As such it must be completed accuractly and in the proper format identified below.

Proof of Certification: It is important that all bench staff have with them a copy of their certification at all major events and tournaments. A copy of the Trainer's Certification must be sent into the BCRA office at the beginning of the season. Make sure this is valid and has not expired.

Karelo Registration: A reminder that all bench staff need to be registered as "active" in the Karelo Registration database by their local association or league. Failure to do so results in that bench staff being uninsured with BC Ringette.

Please take note of the following guidelines when completing these forms:


- Do not list bench staff who are not certified/qualified for their position.
- Make sure that all areas are completed in full.
- Do not use all capital letters for the entire form.
- Do not change the column widths or hight of the cells. Do not merge anything that is not already merged.

Athlete Information

- List players in order by uniform number.
- Do not list nicknames. Use only full first names as they appear in the registration database.
- Only list one position per player, and type the postion in full (goalie, centre, defense, forward) rather than first letter only
- Birthdate needs to be consistently in the proper format (e.g. 05-28-1980)
- Telephone number should include dashes (e.g. 604-629-6581)
- Provincial Medical # should include spaces
- Provincial Registration # is found in the Karelo database. Association registrars can access this information.

Team Staff Information

- List team staff in the following order (Head Coach, Assistant Coach(es), Trainer, Manager
- You may only have one Head Coach, Trainer, and Manager. Do not list more than one.
- See notes above regarding birth-date, telephone number, and provincial medical #.
- The CC# needs to only be entered for coaches (not trainer or manager), but if they have certification in these areas that
The CC# needs to only be entered for coaches (not trainer or manager), but if they have certification in these areas that qualifies them for the team, please include. In other words, if your trainer is also a Level 3 coach please note this.
- For CI certification put "CI Ct." under the "THE" column.
- For CIg certification put "CIG Ct." under the TECH column.
- For trained status put "Tr." in place of "Ct.".
- Under the MAN column please put the Manager's Certification Number to indicate "yes". Otherwise leave blank.
- Under the TRN column please put the Trainer's Certification Number to indicate "yes". Otherwise leave blank.
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