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Provincial A, B & C Championships

2015 Provincial "A" and "B" Championships

Proudly Hosted by Greater Vernon Ringette Association.

March 6, 7 and 8, 2015

League Team Allocation for Provincials based on the Wild Care calculation:
Division League # of Teams Teams C2A Percentage Wild Card Detail
18+A LMRL 5 2 40 WC send 2
  North 1 1 100 na send 1
  TORL 1 1 100 na send 1
  Host no        
18+B LMRL 6 4 67 WC send 4
  North 0 0 0 na  
  TORL 1 0 0 na  
  Host no        
U14A LMRL 5 4 80 2nd send 2
  North 0 0 0 na send 0
  TORL 3 3 100 WC send 2
  Host yes       send 1
U14B LMRL 6 2 33 3rd send1
  North 3 2 67 2nd WC send 2
  TORL 4 4 100 1st WC send 2
  Host no        
U16A LMRL 3 2 66 WC send 2
  North 1 1 100 na send 1
  TORL 2 1 50 2nd send 1
  Host Yes       Send 1
U16B LMRL 1 1 100 na send 1
  North 1 1 100 na send 1
  TORL 3 3 100 WC send 2
  Host Yes       Send 1
U19A LMRL 3 2 67 1st WC send 2
  North 0 0 0 na  
  TORL 3 2 67 2nd WC send 2
  Host no      
U19B LMRL 2 2 100   send 2
  North 1 1 100   send 1
  TORL 3 3 100
send 2
  Host no      

The Wild Card
The "wild card" teams are not known until after the cut-off date for Commitment to Attend. BCRA uses the list of teams who commit to attend the Provincial Championships to determine if there is a wild card available in any of the divisions and calibers.  A wild card team becomes possible if one or more of the Leagues does not have committed to attend the Provincial Championships a team in a division and caliber.  The award of the wild card goes to the League with the highest percentage of their BCRA Registered Teams who have committed to attend the Provincial Championships.  There must be three teams committed to attend the Provincial Championships before BCRA will declare that there will be a championship competition for that division and caliber. 

In the event that a caliber does not have three teams that commit to attend the Provincial Championships, BCRA may ask a lower caliber team to compete in the next caliber up in order to have three teams in that upper caliber.  Teams will never be asked to play down a caliber.  For example, there are two U16B teams and two U16A teams that have committed to play in "Provincials" and none other in the U16 division.  BCRA may ask the two U16B teams to play in the U16A championships so that there are at least three teams in the U16A division so that a championship competition can occur. 

Any questions?  Take a look at BCRA Policy and the Appendices and if you still have questions, send your question to


BC Ringette says goodbye to Hansen Engraving because the company owners have retired. Many thanks for all the support and best wishes in your well earned time off. 

2014 Provincial A,B & C Championships

PRINCE GEORGE March 6-9 2014

Provincial Championship scores :

Full Results:

U14A Division:  U16A Division:  U19A Division:  U14B Division:  U16B Division: 
1.      Kelowna 1.      Vernon 1.      Fraser Valley 1.      Prince George 1.      Prince George
2.      Port Coquitlam 2.      Delta 2.      Surrey White Rock 2.      Shuswap 2.      Shuswap
3.      Vernon 3.      Richmond 3.      Kelowna 3.      Quesnel  3.      Terrace
4.      Fraser Valley 4.      Kelowna 4.      Shuswap 4.      Kelowna Fair Play: Terrace
5.      North West Van 5.      Port Coquitlam 5.      Vernon 5.      Vernon
Fair Play: NWV Fair Play: Delta Fair Play: Fraser Valley Fair Play: Kelowna

Important Note: Team entry fees (commitment to attend) for 2015 are due no later than January 1st. The entry fee MUST be paid to "BC Ringette" when a team confirms attendance by filing a BCRA Commitment to Attend Form.
*As part of the commitment process, all payments (including team entry fees) are processed upon receipt. Payments post dated beyond the applicable registration deadline will NOT be accepted. Payment is required to complete team registration)

Team Adjustment Forms: Any changes to the team rosters (players or bench staff) must be submitted online using the Team Adjustment Form (these will not be accepted at the event). Please note that any changes to your roster (players or coaches) differing from your Karelo Team Registration Form (TRF) will require you to complete this form ahead of time.

Only Team Adjustment Forms related to unexpected events such as injury or illness will be accepted after February 15th, 2013.
If you require assistance with making a team adjustment, please contact BCRA:

 BC Provincial A, B and C Conference Championships

Game Rules

The BC Provincial Championships shall adhere to the Ringette Canada Official rules as outlined in the current Ringette Canada Rule Book.  The latest version of the Ringette Canada Shot Clock Rule shall be used in all games.  In the event that errors or omissions are found in reproductions of BCRA policy appearing in, but not limited to, tournament programs and information sheets for coach’s tournament packages, the current BCRA Policy (as per the BCRA website) shall prevail. This is to include re-prints of tie-breaking rules.  All participants are required to have signed the appropriate BCRA Code of Conduct.  Contraventions of the Code of Conduct will result in sanctions that can include for example: forfeit of games, ejection from the tournament.

The following are non-playing rules, which will be in effect for the event.

1.      There will be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior by bench staff and players before, during, and after games are completed.

2.      Teams must be ready to go on the ice 10 minutes prior to the original start time of the game, and be ready to start playing within 5 minutes of the game time. The Officials decide if the game starts early.  Medal games do not start before the posted start time.

3.      Teams must start the game in the end that they are warming up in. Should the home team enter the playing surface after the visiting team, they must proceed directly to the end that they wish to begin play.

4.      Teams will be given a 3-minute warm-up prior to starting the game, and a 1-minute rest in between periods. For U14 divisions, periods are 18 minutes long; for U16 and above, periods are 20 minutes long. The shot clock will be used for all Provincial games.

5.      Should a team wish to warm up their alternate goalie in between periods, they may do so but with only one player and 2 rings. The goaltender and skater must proceed to the end in which they will be defending at the start of the next period.

6.      In the case of a possible colour conflict, the judgment is left to the on-ice Officials. If the Officials feel that there is a colour conflict, the visiting team must change jersey colours. The host will provide alternate jerseys. Should a team not wear their approved association colours as outlined the BCRA Policy Manual Appendices, then they will forfeit their right of sweater colours, in case of colour conflict.

7.      When a team is up by 10 goals, the remainder of the game is running time. The losing team, however, has the option to continue the game with stop time. The team leading by 10 goals is not allowed to pull its goalie in the last two minutes of the game, except for a delayed calling of a penalty.

8.      Penalized players sit in the penalty box closest to their own team.  If the penalty box is on the opposite side of the ice surface to the player’s bench, the penalized player sits in the penalty box directly across the rink from their team.  Only persons authorized by the Tournament hosts can be in the penalty boxes or time keeper’s box during play.

9.      For Semi-Final and Medal games, all games will be played until a winner is declared. Should the game end regulation time in a tie, an additional period of equal length shall be played until a goal is scored. A coin toss will be done to decide who gets the ring to start play in the first overtime period. The home team shall call “Heads” or “Tails” while the coin is in the air. The winner of the coin toss receives the ring to start play and the other team has choice of ends. Should another overtime period be required, the teams switch ends. Each team will receive one additional time out for each overtime period played.

10. Players are allowed to play in one division only in one Provincial Championship only. 

11. Protest and/or grievance procedures will be followed as outlined in the BCRA Policy Manual.

12. There shall be no more than 5 team staff allowed on the bench at any time. Each team staff shall be appropriately qualified for their position recorded on the Official Game Report: Head Coach, 2 Assistant Coaches, Trainer, and Manager.  One of those must be a qualified female coach, 18 yr. of age or older (U19 and below). Game sheets must be signed by ALL team staff.  Teams with an approved apprentice-coach must record the apprentice’s name on the bottom of the Official Score Report form

13. Sportsmanship Award is based on one vote per team, to be voted on by the players after each game. Score sheets will not be released until vote received. The Officials will get one vote after each game.

14. A Team Adjustment Form must be submitted online to BCRA a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the event. It is against policy rules to use ineligible players and/or ineligible team staff during, before, or after a game. Unqualified staff may not go near or on the bench, or participate in any way during the game.

Tie-Breaking Rules

1.  Tie games will stand in round robin play. Teams will receive two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero points for a loss.

2.  Breaking of Ties in Standings

NOTE: In ii), v) and vii) the maximum difference (spread) between goals for and goals against that will be counted per game is SEVEN (7) goals.

The maximum Goals FOR that will be counted per game is seven (7) more than the Goals AGAINST.

If a team(s) has forfeited a game, that team(s) shall be given the lowest position(s) amongst the tied teams. The score of a forfeited game shall be 7-0.

The procedures, in most cases, will declare the team(s) in individual rankings. However, in some cases teams may be tied within the rankings (i.e. in a four way tie for first in a round robin, the procedures could place a team clearly in first, two teams tied for second/third and one team in fourth). In these cases, the procedures shall revert back to i) in order to break the tie between teams, within ranking positions.

When two (2) or more teams have an equal number of points after the completion of the round robin games, the ranking of the tied teams will be determined in the following order:

i) The teams will be ranked in order of the winner(s) of more games between each other during round robin play. The tied teams MUST have played each other or the procedure starts with v) unless one of the tied teams have beaten all other tied teams in which case that team is ranked highest and the procedure reverts back in order to break the tie within the remaining ranking positions.

ii) If still tied, the teams will be ranked in order of the largest (positive) net difference between Goals FOR minus Goals AGAINST in the games between the tied teams.

iii) If still tied, the team(s) will be ranked in order of the most Goals FOR in games between the tied teams. The maximum Goals FOR that will be counted per game is seven (7) more than the Goals AGAINST.

iv) If still tied, the teams will be ranked using the following formula in games between the tied teams:

Goals For + Goals Against

Goals Against

v) If still tied, the teams will be ranked in order of the largest (positive) net difference between Goals FOR minus Goals AGAINST in games against all teams.

vi) If still tied, the teams will be ranked in order of the most goals FOR in games against all team.

vii) If still tied, the tied teams will be ranked in order of the least total Goals AGAINST in games against all teams.

viii) If still tied, the teams will be ranked in order by applying the formula in iv) to all games.

ix) If still tied, the teams will be ranked in order of the fewest penalty minutes in games against all teams.

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2013 Provincial A Championship Final Standings





1st - Vernon
2nd - Kelowna
3rd - Richmond
4th - Port Coquitlam  
5th - Fraser Valley
1st - Vernon
2nd -Kelowna
3rd - Surrey-White Rock  
4th - Port Coquitlam
5th - Fraser Valley 
1st - Quesnel
2nd - Fraser Valley   
3rd - Kelowna
4th - Shuswap
5th - Delta
1st - Fraser Valley
2nd - Richmond
3rd - Burnaby-New West
4th - Kelowna
5th - Port Coquitlam

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