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2016 BCRA Annual General Meeting and Conference:

May 14 and 15, 2016 at Sunpeaks Grand Hotel and Conference Centre

More information to be published soon.

Tentative Schedule NOW POSTED!
Go to the Provincials Page to view the tentative schedule for both A and B and U14AA Provincials. 

PROVINCIAL A CHAMPIONS & U14AA Provincial Champships: March 4th to 6th 
Divisions: U14AA, U16A, U19A, Open (18+) A
Hosted at Planet Ice, Delta

Divisions: U14A and U14B, U16B, U19B, Open (18+) B
Hosted at CanLan Ice Sports, North Vancouver

PROVINCIAL U16AA CHAMPIONS: March 11th to 13th  
Division: U16AA
Hosted by Kelowna Ringette Association

Please complete your online Commitment to Attend form by December 1st.
All cheques shoudl be received by December 31st, 2015.  


Launched today, #LEVELTHEFIELD is a province-wide movement that will work to create a more inclusive sport culture in British Columbia by targeting issues around gender equity, the LGBTQ2+ community, accessibility, socioeconomic inclusion, and cultural diversity.

As of November 17, viaSport is activating the first advocacy phase: gender equity in sport. 


  • 4% of girls achieve the recommended level of daily physical activity.
  • 17% of head coach positions in Canadian Interuniversity sport are held by women.
  • 29% of National Sport Organization CEO’s are female.

The Gender Equity #LEVELTHEFIELD campaign will focus on educating BC sport organizations, clubs, schools, community centres, and sport leaders on the issues of inequity across all levels of sport for girls and women, including:

  • ON THE FIELD - athletes and participants
  • CALLING THE SHOTS - coaches and officials
  • AROUND THE TABLE - board members, executives, and sport leaders
OUR GOAL: By March 2016, we hope to have a measurable increase in the number of local clubs and organizations discussing gender equity and taking steps to address gaps within their sport.


WANTED: Volunteers for the BC Winter Games 2016 in Penticton, BC

If you are interested in Volunteering please click the Link below to Sign up with the BC Games Society Online: 


BCRA Seeking applications to host the 2017 Provincial A, B, 18+ and AA Championships.  
Proposals can be for all events or any one of the events.
Tournament requirements are found in BCRA Policy, Appendices and on the links on this website. 
While BCRA welcomes proposals from all Associations, BCRA is required to take into consideration the geographic location of the most recent Championships in making the determination of the sites for the 2017 events.  
Go to the Provincials Tab for more information. 

BC Ringette is very pleased to announce the appointment of our Technical Coordinator.
Nicole Robb.
Nicole brings a wealth of Ringette experience to the office.  
Nicole can be reached at: 
OR 778-870-2256

This is why we play Ringette!
Follow this link to Youtube
Go Lilli!!

Looking for that perfect example of how to set a legal pick or making a leading pass, check out Steve Saito's You Tube library of Ringette games.  This an awesome way to see great Ringette from the comfort of your computer.  Here's the link:

2015-2016 Season's Coaching Certification Grid is posted:

or: Hover over the  Sport Development tab above.  Then hover over the Coach and Team Staff and click on "overview".  Then scroll down the page to the NCCP button and click on it.  You will be taken to the NCCP site where you can fill in your answers to the Coach Requirements tool. 



"To create opportunities for all British Columbians to participate in Ringette in an engaging environment that provides fun, sportsmanship, competition, health and life long development."

BC Ringette welcomes deaf and hard of hearing athletes.

 BC Ringette is home to nearly 3000 members province-wide including players, coaches, officials, managers and other volunteers.
We offer the opportunity to participate in one of Canada's heritage sports in many different levels and age divisions.

Beginner and recreational teams to highly competitive, high performance programs including National Championships & Canada Winter Games. BC Ringette programs are available on the ice and in the gym for children, youth and adults.

Concussion Intervention Policy

The BCRA Board of Directors has approve into policy the recommendation from the Sport and Athlete Development Operational Committee.  The new policy, titled "Concussion Intervention", has been added to the Risk Management section.  Head Coaches are required to complete the on-line Concussion Awareness Training Tool before their teams' first game of this season.  Here is the link to the tool:  Please complete the tool at your very earliest convenience.


  • *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************

BC Ringette congratulates BC Deaf Sports Federation in receiving a grant to to launch their new Sport Interpreting Grant Program.  This is extremely good and exciting news and an important opportunity to rightfully include deaf and hard of hearing athletes in all sports.  BC Ringette has had deaf and hard of hearing athletes play our sport at all levels including up to Canada Winter Games.  Please follow this link to the Brochure of the BC Deaf Sports Federation:

  BC Ringette proudly supports the Principles of TrueSport



FREE EVENT!! New events posted 


        Ringette Associations in your area invite you to one of their FREE “Come Try Ringette” events:  


please go to  Scroll down to find an event date in your community.


BC Ringette is proud to partner with Kids Help Phone to provide support for children and youth:

Contact Us/Follow Us:




Concussion Safety


Parents Guide to LTAD


 Ring Jammers 2.0

Ringette Canada
 50th Anniversary



Moving Kids
Between Age Groups


Player Release Form:


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the

Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of

Community, Sport and Cultural Development.”




BC RINGETTE is a proud member of:

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U12 Performance Criteria

U12 Player Ordinal Master Chart 

New for the 2015 - 2016 Season:
In response to feedback received by the Sport and Athlete Development Committee from the Leagues a revised U12 Performance Criteria chart and Score card has been drafted, as well as, revised guidelines for the U12 division. 
The U12 teams use their team scoring cards to determine their Team Ordinal. The Team Ordinal will be used to help generate pools of teams. Each League is able to determine the system that works best for their league athletes. If creating balanced teams is the better system for the league or creating tiered division is a better option for the league each has the choice to do so. Team Ordinals are to be used for Tournaments and League play to help create the pools of teams. 

U12 Teams do not require a Tiering Form.  For U12 players moving into U14 they receive a score of 20 and then add from there. There was no tiering anywhere in the province last season so please keep that in mind when grading U12 players on Tiering forms. The Tiering form is for U14 and up ONLY.

Levels of Play Descriptions:
Guideline for team placements based on team ordinal.

A Level – Team score is 3.76-5.00. Most of the players will show a good consolidation of skills and are in the later stages of the LTAD Learn to train stage skill matrix and entering the Train to train stage.
B Level – Team score of 2.51- 3.75 Most of the players will have an average consolidation of skills and fit the middle of the Learn to train stage skills matrix.
C Level – (score of 1.00-2.50). Most of the players will still be acquiring skills and many of them will be playing for less than two years. They will be at the beginning-middle of the Learn to train skills matrix. 

U12 teams will play a minimum of 4 pre-season games scheduled against teams with similar team ordinals.  The Leagues will use the team ordinals and the outcome of the pre-season games to assign the teams to Levels of Play pools. The Leagues will use the Divisional standings on January 1 of the playing season to adjust the Levels of play pools to ensure teams are playing against teams of similar calibre. (The roster make-up of the teams cannot change).  A team that is winning or losing the majority of their games by more than a 5 goal differential has the opportunity to move up or down a division.  

The BCRA Sport and Athlete Development Committee recommended a policy change to the BCRA Board of Directors and in late August, that policy was adopted.  Please click here for the policy advisory.

By way of process, coaches who wish to borrow players from equal or lower divisions for temporary play on their team must contact the coach of the loaning team.  It is the responsibility of the loaning coach to complete the BCRA on-line Player Pick-up form.  BCRA will monitor the loaning of players against the team rosters (in Karelo) to be certain that every player on a team is given the same opportunity to be loaned before any one player gets loaned a second time. 

U12 Coaching Levels 2015 - 2016 Season:

 U12 A - CI Trained Head Coach, CI Trained Assistant coach
Must have one CI Trained Female Coach on the bench 
CSI - Certified Head coach for all U12 teams. CSI trained assistant coach(es).
Must have one CSI certified Female coach on the bench.  
 U12 B - CSI Certified Head coach for all U12B teams. CSI trained assistant coach(es). 
Must have one CSI certified Female coach on the bench.  
 U12 C - CSI Certified Head coach for all U12C teams. CSI trained assistant coach(es). 
Must have one CSI certified Female coach on the bench.

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